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tv   [untitled]    September 22, 2010 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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>> i am ready for another one. >> commissioner, it is 10:25 p.m. the police commission is returning to open session at the conclusion of its closed session, which was item 7. let me know for the record the presence of commissioners chan, mazzucco, marshall, dejesus, and kingsley. the next item is whether to disclose any or all of the discussion in closed session. >> moved not to disclose. >> commissioner, any public comment? >> any public comment, excuse me, on item eight?
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hearing none -- >> do we know this yet? >> we are going back. >> i read. >> we will return to item 2c? >> that is correct. 10:26 p.m., we interrupted our earlier agenda at concluding item 2b, which would take up item 2c, which is commission reports. >> i wonder if there are patrol specials. i have been in contact with them. i have corresponded with them. >> commissioner, your report.
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>> this is all in the report, but there is a special meeting of the human rights commission tomorrow, september 23 at 6:00 p.m. they are going to be addressing many issues, including issues regarding the history of surveillance, infiltration, and profiling in san francisco and the san francisco department. commissioners have been invited to attend. commissioner chan is attending. that is tomorrow at city hall at 6:00 p.m. to do not know if any more commissioners are attending. i made the announcement. do you want to end with that? >> we should report back. >> that is right. dgo 8.10 -- i believe we should
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make changes to that anyway and will be discussing that tomorrow. i does wanted everybody to know. thanks. >> anything else? >> the retreat is -- both commissioner chant and i have contacted and equivalent of 10 facilitators and come up with nobody is available. there is another person that everybody is kind of aware of that might be a possibility to do it for free. if i understand, i came in last on this. commissioner mazzucco, you were going to make contact with that person. >> i will do so tomorrow. >> if that has been settled, that is closed. we have everything but the facilitator, i think. we will take public item --
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public comment on item 2. >> ray hart, san francisco government. the complete i will be filed against you, sir is the fact that you missed the agenda. the stop in the middle of an item without any discussion of the change of agenda, when changes to the agenda must be announced. there must be discussed by the board and public comment must be allowed. you did not even finish to comment. >> can i interrupt you for a second? this is public comment regarding items that were discussed in the chief's report, the commissioner's report, and the occ report. items that were discussed, not your objection to the items being moved around. your comments are not consistent and are not permitted at this point. >> you are


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